2020-2021 Creation and wings of chaos More than 70% of BTC and ABCDE users flowed into the IF system, with more than 100 million registered people, which has driven the value of BTC and ABCDE to soar. IF has listed on the world's top 100 exchanges, and DAPP has over 3000 online applications.
2021-2023 Spreading the flowers of consensus All users of BTC and ABCDE have joined the IF value network, and the number of registered ecosystem groups has exceeded 700 million, becoming the leading exchange of decentralized cross chain trading. There are more than 150,000 DAPP applications online, and high-quality projects across the industry have generally followed.
2024-2029 Improving immortality Complete the mission of connecting the online and offline panoramic ecological layout, DAPP access to various fields, continue to promote the development of the whole society, and become a leading standard public chain in the world.
2030-2050 A thousand miles away Sun Ecosystem covers all walks of life, and at the same time focuses on the underlying scientific research application and landing scenarios to accelerate the development of human society to a high-altitude civilized society.
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Dear Global IF Consensus:

The INFINITE public chain system has been promoted for many months, and the results are far from meeting expectations.Low market price will lose a large number of loyalists. In order to ensure the market value of ifs, the scarcity of the number of ifs should be ensured.We declare a permanent halt to the growth of the mine and hope that in the near future, INFINITE will have its true value!Thanks to the support and understanding of global evangelists, IF has officially entered the deflationary era and INFINITE's future value!