INFINITE uses the most advanced blockchain underlying technology to build a powerful ecosystem that can integrate and assimilate the opposites. More importantly, INFINITE incarnates the industry matrix in the form of public chain, absorbs digital assets such as BTC and ABCDE into the system, endows digital assets with infinite life force of subversion and evolution, and injects continuous power into the entire blockchain industry.

Decentralized deflation and fission public chain

IF cuts production by 18% every 90 days, smashes the value inflation law, let the algorithm takes over human nature, and the mining settings are written into smart contracts. Once started, no one can change it.

The highest docking center

INFINITE builds the "six major linked economies" for the first time in history to realizes the highest connection order of the entire network. The most ingenious innovation, the fastest evolution.

New economic view-INFINITE Super UN

INFINITE Super UN will break the financial monopoly mode formed by capitalism in recent hundreds of years, break the intermediary, break the monopoly, and truly realize decentralization, deintermediation, peer-to-peer, so as to create inclusive and accessible finance.

INFINITE opens the door to cross-chain technology

VCA protocol distributed ledger realizes cross-chain value transmission of digital assets

Power of the entire network

INFINITE connects global supporters and believers, and incarnates public chain nodes to provide network services for the entire system. As long as any node is online on the entire network, the main logic of the INFINITE public chain cannot be closed

Beyond the routine, ignite the dream, INFINITE keep going

Adopt a distributed database and point-to-point transmission are used to form a tamper-proof ledger based on a consensus algorithm. The block is connected to form a chain through encrypted signature.
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Dear Global IF Consensus:

The INFINITE public chain system has been promoted for many months, and the results are far from meeting expectations.Low market price will lose a large number of loyalists. In order to ensure the market value of ifs, the scarcity of the number of ifs should be ensured.We declare a permanent halt to the growth of the mine and hope that in the near future, INFINITE will have its true value!Thanks to the support and understanding of global evangelists, IF has officially entered the deflationary era and INFINITE's future value!