In every great progress, the altar of productivity is filled with the bodies of the losers. Human beings are not belligerent, it is about building a top-level order. The top-level order is based on the competition of productivity evolution, focusing on enriching the country and strengthening the army, and dominating the world. War is only a means. The most fundamental way out is to build a productive forces evolution structure that keeps pace with the times. This is the life-and-death game of the sub productivity competition in the civilization matrix. Win and survive. Lose to die.

In the face of a brand new civilization process, some people and organizations can not keep pace with the times, nor receive the call of new productivity. Between arrogance, loss and indignation, they are unconsciously placed on the altar of the times, waiting for their hands to rise and fall.

Most people have only two choices in the face of fate: not breaking out in silence, but dying out in silence. When the new commercial civilization comes, we have a third option - revolution. Therefore, a large-scale social and financial project kicked off! The top geek team of deep web came out and broke the pyramid system with data democracy, INFINITE came into being.

Blockchain attempts to combine all human brains into a "new brain", so that ordinary people can find the last trace of dignity, empower every user, and give everyone the weapon to change class. We are in a super bull market driven by technology, and the INFINITE system will undertake this task. INFINITE uses the most advanced blockchain underlying technology to build a powerful ecosystem that can integrate and assimilate the opposite, release all institutional shackles of human needs, and build a new belief system that can withstand the test and attack of computing power in the time dimension. The extreme growth is not only limited, the violent liquidation attribute of debt no longer exists, and establish a basic force of wealth leverage.

INFINITE is a perfect combination of faith and productivity. Therefore, we sincerely invite the global public to participate in INFINITE's great cause of changing human destiny, witness INFINITE's opening of a new battlefield of traditional financial competition, promote the development of the whole blockchain industry to a deep and vertical field, promote the industry's high-quality project digital currency to a new highland, and finally realize the ultimate equality and value of human beings, and lead human beings to a permanent and orderly new era civilized world.

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